Ideaology vs Character


As we enter into the home stretch of the election cycle, a few things are really starting to leap out at me. One such is our increasing willingness to look more at WHAT a candidate stands for than at WHO … Continue reading

Ender’s Game and the Modern Battle Space

Orson Scott Card's Classic "Ender's Game"

Many of you probably don’t know this, but the modern US Military is in a continuous battle between the forces of the “Attritionists” and the “Maneuverists” and the heart of that battle is the very well known SF book “Ender’s … Continue reading

More Retirement for Less

If you didn’t already know, the US Defense Budget is huge. It is so completely enormous that, quite frankly, even the people involved can’t comprehend exactly how truly gigantic it is.  It is orders of magnitude beyond what most people … Continue reading

The Gloves Are Off

This morning, I read ALNAV 044/11, the Navy’s Active Duty Commander Promotion Board results.  Unfortunately, my name was not on it. Yes, that means I wasn’t promoted.  Even more disturbing, this was my third time not selecting.  But don’t worry, … Continue reading